real change

Why are we different?

  1. Unlike the current political parties, we don't have any history of lobbying or deal-making to which we are financially accountable. Thus we can be true to our values and purely adhere to the needs of our constituents.
  2. We believe in a system that is decent and based in facts, substantive debate and real action. 
  3. We seek engagement from all Americans, including the voters who did not vote, those who wanted to register and couldn't, and millions of young people who feel left out of the process.

What are we going to do?

  1. We will actively organize citizens who want to make a difference in American politics.
  2. We will generate funds to promote candidates who will consistently adhere to Real Principles.
  3. We will register voters throughout the country, including those who now feel hopeless or irrelevant to the process.
  4. We will offer a clear alternative that starts with the 2018 Congressional elections. Our goal is to eliminate the shifting majority/minority status of the two major parties, forcing consequential discussion and real compromise.